car is back

Hi I went to pick up my car yesterday and it had brakes hanging up on it so I had to drop it off to my mechanic this morning what a deal.  I now need calipers, pads and rotors.  Oh joy to the world.


mini-friends-and-family-001.jpgHi I am testing again so here goes.

mini-friends-and-family-003.jpghey maybe I can add my own pics now.  OOOOO scarey Oh my it worked!!!  looky a picture of the snow outside.

The pretty spinny bobbin

Hi That is Merino and Viscose from Winderwood Farms in Naples NY

stupid computer

mini-blue-yarn.jpgHi my computer at home will not let me post pics so I need to see what is going on.  Meanwhile at work I can show you my blue yarn. 

Dum de dum

Isn’t this pretty? 

bobs merino and viscose

blue yarn


My darling child came over to help me resize my pictures and IT WORKED! yipppppeeeeee

frustration time


I am trying to figure out this blog. I have a picture I wish to add and cannot seem to get the stupid thing to take it. UGH

new to me car


On last Thursday I was rear ended by an 18 year old boy. No it was not my kid. I had to take my car to the collision shop and was met there by the Enterprise guy. He had a 2007 Chevy Uplander just for me. I felt like I was driving a bus. It was a nice ride except for the snowy roads then it slid some. I went to my spinning guild in Victor, NY and this Uplander definetely had potential in the rear area for holding spinning wheels. Today which is Monday I traded the huge van/bus in for a more sleek model of vehicle. I now am driving a 2007 Pontiac Grand Am. I have not driven a Pontiac before except for a test drive. This has a different feel than the van/bus. I do like it and I might go cruising this week. I was told I should have my rust bucket back on the following Monday. Sorry wish I had a way to hook up my camera to the computer but my son has not helped me out yet. Hopefully soon. Till then I shall try writing books for you all to read. Have a great day.

my first day of blogging on this one

Hi  This is my first post on this new blog.  I am excited and hope to keep this up an running

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